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CDM CD controller unit
The DA800 Drawn Arc Controller.Needs a suitable Handtool.
Mini Auto Systems - can be desigigned and built to your requirements.
Custom design and built CNC Systems - can be designed and built  to your specific requirements.
A comprehensive range of accessories and consumables is avaiable for all our weld controllers.
Choose from  the range of stud welding process to decide which is most suitable for your production requirements.

New to Stud Welding?

These are three different types of stud welding methods in everyday use

DA = Drawn Arc.
CD = Capacitor Discharge.
SC = Short Cycle.

The Advantages of Stud Welding

The stud welding process is completed in a matter of milliseconds. Thinner material can be used when stud welding, leading to significant cost saving.

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From simple hand held units right through to C.N.C. fully automated systems, TAYLOR Studwelding Systems Limited can provide turnkey solutions to your stud welding requirements.

A method of applying a single side fastening to a metal component.

Stud welding offers you complete versatility, whatever your needs, they can be simply and effectively met.

Take a look at our range of  accessories and consumables and progress through our range of stud welding controllers and systems on our "PRODUCT" pages and see our "PROCESS" and "USES" for examples of how the flexibility and reliability of the TAYLOR Studwelding process can be be used.

With over 35 years in the industry we have, by blending professional experience with extensive resources, built up an enviable reputation exporting products worldwide.
Simultaneously Taylor Studwelding Systems Limited has developed its position as the UK’s leading supplier, designer and manufacturer of studwelding equipment and weld studs from hand held, lightweight units to fully automated CNC and robotic studwelding systems.

At our purpose built computerised office and factory complex our service is fast, efficient and friendly. To compliment our versatile stud welding systems we have over 10,000,000 items for capacity discharge ( stored arc) drawn arc, short cycle and shear connectors in all materials - constantly in stock, no order is too complex to fulfil.

Stud welding offers solution to a wide range of industries from Ship Building - to Jewellery.

New job to quote for and needs studwelding?
Contact us and our technical team will be pleased to liaise with your  production staff. 

Do you have a question or need some advice on stud welding? Use our online "chat" line, one of our advisors will be pleased to assist. ( UK office hours )

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We manufacture and supply.....

CD stud welding equipment

DA stud welding equipment

SC stud welding equipment

X-Y tables & benching

Projection weld bolts

Refractory fittings

Shear connectors

CNC equipment

CD weld studs

DA weld studs

SC weld studs


If cost is an issue or if you only have a small job to complete, why not  “try before you buy” and hire a TAYLOR stud welding machine.

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